Lift LCS Fixed Aluminum Propeller Kit


Lift LCS Fixed Aluminum Propeller Kit

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Upgrade your Lift eFoil with the new Lift Connect System (LCS) propeller kit, featuring an innovative click-and-lock mechanism, for easy interchanging of propeller components, without the need for tools.


  Sharing your Lift eFoil with family and friends? Or have the conditions shifted from flat water to swells? The LCS components allow you to customize your ride effortlessly while sharing the stoke with your crew. Additionally, the LCS propellers are designed with a tapered hub and increased pitch angle on the blades, which equates to less drag and greater speeds. You can feel the difference on the first ride! LCS Fixed Aluminum Propeller Kits are offered with your choice of black or gold propeller. The LCS Fixed Aluminum Propeller Kit comes with all the hardware needed for a seamless installation. The LCS products are compatible with all Lift eFoil models. WHAT’S INCLUDED:
  • LCS Fixed Aluminum Propeller, your choice of Black or Gold
  • LCS Base Plate
  • LCS Shroud
  • LCS Tail Cone
  • Hardware Kit

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Gold, Black


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