Ride Engine Macro Pump


Ride Engine Macro Pump

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Pump smarter not harder. 3.2-liter capacity per stoke

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The Ride Engine Macro Pump will pump up your kite or wing within minutes. Sleek design with grippy handles to make pumping up your equipment the ultimate experience. You’re ready to get on the water and you want to get pumped up and going now!  Macro Pump boasts a powerful 3.2-liters of air per stroke, which makes inflating your smallest to biggest kites, wings or SUPs a breeze. Features:
  • 3.2-liter capacity per stoke
  • Double to single action inflation adjustment for higher pressures
  • Convertible handles and foot pedestals for easy packing
  • Complete nozzle kit for kites, wings and SUPs
  • Pressure gauge
  • Maximum 14.5psi (1 bar)

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