Slingshot Phantasm WingSurf 928 Foil Kit


Slingshot Phantasm WingSurf 928 Foil Kit

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Package includes: PFI 928 Front Wing, PS 400 Stabilizer, 710 Fuselage, 72cm Carbon Mast, neoprene wing covers, carrying case, Complete Hardware Kit

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EARLY-LIFT | STABILITY | PROGRESSION The Slingshot Team spent the better part of two years searching for the perfect wing, mast, fuse combo for light winds and rapid progression in Wingfoiling. The Phantasm 928 Wing package delivers unrivaled stability, ease of use and rapid progression to all weight classes and riding styles. The Phantasm PFI 928 Wing is a super early lifting, incredibly forgiving freeride foil with maximum light wind versatility in a lightweight premium carbon construction. The package comes with the 72cm mast made from super light, stiff and efficient high-modulus carbon. The PFI 928 wing gets going in the lightest breeze and has the lowest stall speed of any wing in the Slingshot range making it the easiest to ride and jibe. The 72cm mast makes this package the top choice for foilers riding in shallow water or those looking to progress quickly from zero to hero.


+ If you want to progress quickly and ride in the lightest of breeze this package is for you + The perfect blend of early lift, stability, and ease of use + The stiffest carbon mast on the market, matched with a high aspect efficient pumping-machine of a wing


+ We wanted a foil package build for rapid progression and ultra-light winds + The 72cm mast makes for an incredibly stable platform that is ridable in shallow waters + A wing with great span demands an extra stiff, high modulus carbon mast to deliver the desired control.


1. 12k Dual Carbon Core Mast: Finally, high-performance stiffness built for high-performance riders. Our construction starts from the ground up, utilizing our proprietary dual molding process. Each mast is laid up to precise specifications with premium quality unidirectional and 12k super high modulus pre-preg carbon. Inside is a dual carbon core that ensures next-level stiffness in major, minor, and biaxial directions. Running lengthwise between the dual core is a 10k Carbon I-beam that creates the third and final layer of rigidity and solidity. 2. Bigfoot Connection: The Phantasm mast to foil connection is over 50% larger than our competitors, this increased size makes it the strongest and most robust in the industry. 3. 7075 Aircraft Grade Fuselage: The Phantasm features a high performance aircraft-grade aluminum alloy fuselage that has been shaped and designed to offer unmatched stiffness and strength. 4. Shimless Carbon Stabilizer: No Shims & no extra parts = no problem. Shims are an inefficient way of altering your foil’s performance and cause unnecessary drag. 5. PFI 928 Front Wing: The PFI 928 wing is a polished, refined, and scaled down version of our popular Infinity 99 wing. With a much bigger sweet spot featuring more efficient pumping, higher top speed and tighter radius carves, all while retaining that shaped in downforce in the wingtips which prevent you from over-foiling at high speed. If you are looking for a big wing that gets going in the lightest breeze and is an efficient stable pumping machine that will help you progress quickly…you’ve found it.

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