Takuma Kujira Full Foil Set 1095/178 Alloy Mast Set 75cm


Takuma Kujira Full Foil Set 1095/178 Alloy Mast Set 75cm

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What’s included?

1095 Front Wing, 178 Tail Wing, 75cm Alloy Mast Set, Connecting Hardware, Travel Cases (1 case for mast set + 1 case for Front/Tail Wing)


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The original Kujira foil featuring the leading edge bumps inspired by the humpback whale. Delivering a new perception of foiling, the Kujira set new standards and became the reference in terms of glide performance.

Inspired by Humpback whales

  • Unmatched agility and acceleration
  • Exceptionally maneuverable
  • Smooth and stable on take off
  • Extraordinarily reactive effortless low and high speed control
  • Carbon wings for maximum stiffness, strength and durability

Endless Gliding

  • Exceptional glide with fast top end speed.
  • High aspect performance and rail to rail riding.
  • Easy pumping and smooth carving.
  • Maintains height even at low speed.
  • Performs brilliantly on the surface.
  • Progressive, stable lift.


KUJIRA 1095 Front wing

Surface: 1095 cm2

Wingspan: 95,6cm

Chord: 15.1cm

Aspect Ratio: 8.3

Back Wing: 178 cm2

Takuma I 75cm Alloy Mast Set

What’s Included

  • 2022 Reinforced 75cm Aluminum Mast
  • Standard Alloy Fuselage
  • Standard Top Plate
  • Screw Set
  • Travel Case

Smooth Glide

The fuselage design is more streamlined than ever. The mast has a new profile redesigned for efficiency and rigidity which minimizes flex and drag and maximizes comfort in flight.

Takuma have designed an innovative top plate for added strength that incorporates our new simplified and more efficient board mount system. It makes installation quick and easy, allowing you to maintain exactly the same position, each time you reattach the foil.

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