2016 Slingshot Wave SST Kite

2016 Slingshot Wave SST Kite


Not just a surf kite.

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 26 × 18 in


Add bar

Kite Only, 17" Compstick w/ Guardian, 20" Compstick w/ Guardian, 23" Compstick w/ Guardian


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Since 1981 Tony Logosz and his brother Jeff have dedicated themselves to the performance and design of quality water sports equipment. Years of hard work and innovation, that is spawned from Tony’s ability to think in original ways, is what fuels them today. In 1999, after numerous innovations in windsurfing, wakeboarding and other major sports, both set forth to found Slingshot. Since then Slingshot has grown to be a global brand which caters to top kiteboarders and wakeboarders in the world.

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Slingshot today: achieving this level of success commits us to our core beliefs. People who ride Slingshot will always come first. Our commitment to quality, innovative design, testing and riding have been a driving force for an entire decade. Through this decade we have been awarded four U.S. patents that make kiteboarding more convenient and safer. We also proudly license patents, from other great innovators of our sport, to help establish high levels of quality and set industry standards. This contributes to the prosperity and growth of kiteboarding and wakeboarding. Have a question about Slingshot Kites, Slingshot Kiteboards or Slingshot Accessories? info@kiteboardingcloseouts.com

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INCLUDES      Kite, kite backpack, bladder repair kit, quick-start guide, IRS bungee replacement, pump hose with one pump speed valve nozzle.


The 2016 SST Wave is the love child of the Slingshot RPM and the Rally. It is really right in between the performance features of both those kites with a light 3 strut frame that drifts no matter what. What I like about the kite is the increase in low end power for onshore surf over the RPM. Sometimes the current and onshore push drains your power in the surf. The SST keeps you on plane in those conditions and the drift of the kite is unreal. Literally ride straight at the kite and it tracks with excellence. The SST has a nice controlled loop for getting in and out of tricky situations.

The big points that set the SST apart from other kites in it’s class are it’s drift ability and immediate relaunch. The bowed shape of the LE makes the kite really pop right out of the water when down. This shape also makes backstalling highly improbable and nearly impossible.

RIDE THIS KITE ONE SIZE SMALL! Every one will tell you that the SST has a meter more power than listed. If you want an 11 ride a 10…if you want a 9, then ride an 8.

2016 Slingshot Wave SST from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.