Armstrong WKT Foil Boards (Wake Kite Tow)

Armstrong WKT Foil Boards (Wake Kite Tow)


State of the art forward geometry boards that are stiff, strong and ultra thin for a pure connection to the foil.

Armstrong CF950 V2 Foil Kit

The CF950 delivers stellar maneuverability, making it ideal for carving turns, surfing waves or pushing the boundaries of wake and kite foiling.

What's Included?

Standard Kit includes CF950 V2 Front Wing, HA195 Tail Stabilizer, TC70cm A+ Fuselage, 72cm V2 Plate Mast, Carry Bag

With options to swap mast, fuselage, and tail stabilizer.


Armstrong Wake Kite Tow Foil Board

State of the art boards that are stiff, strong and ultra thin for a pure connection to the foil.

The WKT board range was specifically developed for the rigors of wake, kite and tow foiling. A high tech moulded carbon construction delivers incredible stiffness and durability while keeping volume and thickness to a minimum. The result is a highly responsive feel with sublime connectivity to the foil.


  • Ultra tough C beam construction
  • Chisel nose outline and progressive rocker
  • High strength custom carbon fibre A+System mast tracks
  • Titanium footstrap inserts

137cm: 4’6 x 18.5″, 11.5L

The largest size in the range easily rebounds off the water when landing airs, making it ideal for heavier riders. Rookies will find it accelerates their progression with forgiving water-starting characteristics.


WAKE: rookies 65-89kg (143-196lb), intermediates >89kg (196lb)

KITE: rookies 65-89kg (143-196lb), intermediates >89kg (196lb)

TOW: rookies 79-89kg (171-196lb)

Sku: WKT137

122cm: 4’0 x 17.25″, 9.5L

The perfect balance of length and low volume for experienced wake and kite riders. For advanced tow foilers, this is the go to size.


WAKE, KITE: intermediates 65-89kg (143-196lb)

TOW: advanced all weights

Sku: WKT122

109cm: 3’7 x 16.5″, 8.2L

The smallest WKT suits light or advanced riders in all three sports. Its minimal length also makes it an ideal choice for flat-water pump foiling.


WAKE, KITE, TOW: advanced all weights, rookies <64kg (141lb)


Sku: WKT109

Additional information

Foil Board Volume

8.2 Liters, 9.5 Liters, 11.5 Liters


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