Freedom Foil Rubix 4’4″ Foil Board


Freedom Foil Rubix 4’4″ Foil Board



4’4″ x 19.8″ x 3.6″ @ 37 Liters
Turquoise/Black Custom Paint | Air Vent | Double Concave

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The Rubix was contrived out of the culmination of our most progressive infrastructures and designs to date. Every curve and every angle has been scrutinized to bring you the most efficient, lightest, and strongest foilboard on the planet! We didn’t want the Rubix to just look amazing so we have literally upgraded all of our components to set a new standard for foilboard durability and longevity. From our foam to our foil box construction, all of the ingredients within The Rubix are built to match the demands that are now required from the most advanced forms of foiling. Every Rubix is crafted right here in the USA! From the shaping to the construction and culminating in individual custom paint jobs, each and every Rubix is uniquely designed with unmatched quality and craftsmanship. If you are ready for the new standard in foilboards you are ready for THE RUBIX! FEATURES:
  • Upgraded EPS Foam technology
  • Upgraded and reinforced Divinicell Boxes
  • Carbon Fiber Construction to the edge of foil boxes – Maximizes foil box durability
  • Concave Deck – Boosts board control and feel
  • Double concave bottom – reduces drag on touch-downs and assists in take off
  • Step Rails – increases rigidity and responsiveness
  • Forward Volume – to assist with paddling
  • Rail Curves – assists with clutching the board through carves / airs
  • Tail Withdraws – Reduces contact points in steep carves
  • Air Vent – Helps prevent delams through one way valve pressure release
  • Leash Plug – Included on every board!
  • Footstrap Inserts – Optional

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