Build Your Own Lift Foil Two-Piece Wing Package (Surf V2 or High Aspect)

Build Your Own Lift Foil Two-Piece Wing Package (Surf V2 or High Aspect)

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Build your own Lift Surf Foil!

Choose a Mast:

LIft High Aspect Front Wing

Lift's high aspect wings are designed to increase glide ratio which essentially improves the riders ability to pump the foil and connect multiple rides in one. Lift's wing sections are fine tuned for minimal drag and our construction is stout.  Some pictures show front and back assembly. This item includes the wing front only — back, mast and board sold separately.

Lift Foils 60 Surf V2 Wing

Balance, efficiency and versatility

Best for: Professionals taking on serious challenges.

Lift Foils 100 Surf V2

Balance, efficiency and versatility

Best for: Serious foilers of all kinds looking for speed and aggressive cuts.

Lift Foils 150 Surf V2

Balance, efficiency and versatility

Best for: Foilers looking for an excellent all-around wing versus a specialty usage.

Lift Foils 200 Surf V2

Experience the balance for yourself.

Best for: Foilers looking for a smooth riding experience over speed.

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Lift Foils 250 Surf V2

Balance, efficiency and versatility

Best for: Larger riders, and foilers riding at slower speed.

Lift Foils 32 Glide Tail Wing

Sporty and fast

Less area and lower angle than the larger sizes, offers better glide and faster speeds

Pairs well with the 60S, 100S, 150S, 120HA, 170HA and 200HA

Lift Foils 48 Surf V2 Rear Tail Wing

Lift's largest and most stable wing in V2

Pairs well with 200 and up sizes.

Lift Foils 38 Surf V2 Tail Wing

Lift's most versatile tail wing.

Pairs well with the 150 Surf and larger sizes

Lift Foils 25 Glide Tail Wing

Our smallest and fastest wing

Pairs well with the 60S, 100S, 150S and all HA wings

Lift 33 Carve Back Wing

The 33” Carve is our more stable carve wing, for reliable tight turns and mobility—but with added drag versus our 26” carve.

Lift 26 Carve Back Wing

The 26” Carve is the sportiest carve wing, ideal for experienced surf foil riders.

Lift Specialty Tail Wing 20 Carve

If you want to slash some aggressive turns and you like the tail feeling extremely light and low drag, this is it.

What we think…These wings are amazing! Great for kite foiling, surf foiling, wake foiling, Efoiling and SUP foiling! They are incredibly durable and lightweight. We give you the option to pick the perfect combination of wings to suite your needs. What Lift says…

Lift Foils for kite foiling, surf foiling, wake foiling and SUP foiling

Two-piece Surf Series Designs. Our new surf series designs are a two piece construction where the front and back wings are interchangeable for easy transport and multiple configurations. When put together, they make the same hydrodynamic shape of our classic foil designs that reduce drag and turbulence through the water. Front wing designs: 170 surf This is a great wing for more advanced surfing. It offers greater speeds and more maneuverability. It has the ability to pump back out to catch multiple wings in a set. When riding a wave, nobody will catch you and your cutbacks are going to be sharp and fast. 200 surf Built off of our classic 200. Plug and play with this addition. The 200 has been an industry favorite for novice riders to world champions. It has an excellent balance of speed, maneuverability and foot. You can do anything on the 200. 250 surf This is our big mama in the wing collection. The 250 offers superior float and stability over our other designs. Great for riding smaller waves, stand up paddle boarding and down wind riding. The 250 is a slam dunk option on the eFoil. It’s larger, more stable design can turn any new rider into a hero. Just sit back and enjoy the flight. The 250 is also a great option for advanced riders using a folding propeller and gliding down swells. Rear wing designs: 50 Back Wing Surf This is our largest stabilizer back wing in our two piece surf series. Use the 50 for more stability and a deeper thrust when pumping. 40 Back Wing Surf This is sporty back wing in our two piece surf series. Use the 40 for more maneuverability, faster speeds and higher rpm when pumping the foil.


As one of the most crucial components of the foil, we have spent years refining our mast. Lean it over and push your hardest, our mast has excellent rigidity and strong construction to securely hold and keep you stable through the water.
Our masts are built with sleek geometry, excellent rigidity and very strong construction for a smooth and controlled ride. Unlike most aluminum masts on the market, ours is composed of carbon fiber and Kevlar (known for its use in bulletproof vests). These more suitable materials are much more efficient than aluminum in translating the energy from your feet to the wings giving you an increased level of control and an overall smoother ride. The connection points to the board and fuselage are 100% forged carbon with stainless steel inserts adding strength to the foil and making it very easy to take apart and put together. This allows you to conveniently change the mast depending on your preferred ride, level of expertise or water depth. Our mounting track system allows you to adjust the position of the mast by sliding it forward or backward to change the pressure on your feet. Sliding it forward will put more pressure on your front foot; sliding it back will put the pressure on your back foot. It comes down to rider preference, but the best way to find that “sweet spot” is to have options and try them all.
The wave rider 28” The rookie 32” The standard 36” High Speed Kite 40″

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Choose a Mast:

Mast Length

24'', 28", 36"

LIft High Aspect Front Wing


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