GoFoil RS975 X Front Wing and Cover

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GoFoil RS975 X Front Wing and Cover


The X is for eXtra Fast!

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RS-X series was created for advanced riders looking for the fastest foil with great maneuverability. This line has comparable carve to the GT Series, but has a much thinner profile for maximum speed. The “RS” stands for Race Speed Series. These are the fastest wings in our collection. These wings are great for racing when Downwind Paddling or Winging. They are very fast, and turn and pump well. The RS wings are slightly thinner than the GT’s, which gives them the extra speed. They also cross over to waves with SUP and Prone riding. CONSTRUCTION Front wings are CNC shaped PVC cores with outer skins of 100% carbon with integrated cone construction connected to both top and bottom surfaces. They use an excess amount of fiber on their wings @ 1000gm2 surface fiber loading. All wing tips are solid carbon for maximum durability.

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