Slingshot Airstrike 7’8

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Slingshot Airstrike 7’8

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Paddle into waves with ease

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Slingshot board sports. Since 1981 Tony Logosz and his brother Jeff have dedicated themselves to the performance and design of quality water sports equipment. Years of hard work and innovation, that is spawned from Tony’s ability to think in original ways, is what fuels them today. In 1999, after numerous innovations in windsurfing, wakeboarding and other major sports, both set forth to found Slingshot. Since then Slingshot has grown to be a global brand which caters to top kiteboarders and wakeboarders in the world. Slingshot today: achieving this level of success commits us to our core beliefs. People who ride Slingshot will always come first. Our commitment to quality, innovative design, testing and riding have been a driving force for an entire decade. Through this decade we have been awarded four U.S. patents that make kiteboarding more convenient and safer. We also proudly license patents, from other great innovators of our sport, to help establish high levels of quality and set industry standards. This contributes to the prosperity and growth of kiteboarding and wakeboarding.

This is the board to get you up and SUP foiling. We tailored every aspect of this board to make sure that you learn quickly, safely, and efficiently.

With tons of volume for its length, the Air Strike provides an early take off speed and ensures you catch any wave or bump you are paddling into. In small waves or when you’re learning, the buoyancy and stability oif the Air Strike will allow you focus exclusively on the foil. This is a board designed to get you up, foiling and having fun as quickly and easily as possible.


  • Early take off tail design
  • High volume construction aids you in catching small waves
  • Adjustable track lets you fine tune your mast position
  • Supported by free FOIL ACADEMY learning course (

LENGTH:  7’8″
WIDTH: 31″