Armstrong CF2400 V2 Wing

Armstrong CF2400 V2 Wing


Our new A+System is taking strength and durability into the future!

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THE CARVING FREERIDE 2400 V2 IS A GREAT CHOICE FOR RIDERS STARTING OUT WITH ANY FOIL SPORT. ITS LARGE WINGSPAN MAKES LEARNING EASY DUE TO ITS STABILITY AND THE SLOW SAFE SPEEDS AT WHICH THE WING WILL FLY. For intermediate riders it pumps up on larger boards in minimal swell, yet is fast enough to rip out a down wind coastal run in a good time. This wing will lift anyone and is still easy and smooth to turn for its over-size proportions. It can easily be surfed and is perfect for heavier riders in small waves. Construction
  • Construction is based around a high-density foam core, which is wrapped with 100% IM and High Modulus Carbon.
  • The main wings are shaped and refined for maximum stability and predictability at all speeds
  • The foil sections have been carefully designed by one of the world’s foremost sport wing designers.
Dimensions Wing area: 2390cm2 (370 in2) Wingspan: 970mm Weight: 1850g *Comes complete with screws and protective cover.

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